Cars 2018 BMW 3 Series to Feature All-Electric Version to Compete with Tesla Model 3

2018 BMW 3 Series to Feature All-Electric Version to Compete with Tesla Model 3
2018 BMW 3 Series

The all-new 2018 BMW 3 series has recently been spotted during a cold-weather testing session giving us a slight idea of the compact executive car. The rumours have it, BMW will be introducing diesel, petrol, plugin hybrid and an all-electric model to rival the Tesla model 3.

2018 BMW 3 Series

The German automaker has plans to launch its high-tech 3 series within the next 18 months to give Jaguar XE, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4, a close run for their money. The main hallmark of the new BMW 3 series will be an all-electric version for the love of nature, which will compete with the Tesla Model 3 in the main US markets.

The next-generation 3 series will be powered by three, four and six-cylinder engines with a purpose of beating CO2 emissions of A4 and XE. Codenamed G20, the chassis will be switched with CLAR (Cluster Architecture). The cluster architecture has previously incorporated carbon fibre technology in other BMW models like the 7 series.

The new carbon fibre technology aids in producing lighter components for the vehicle reducing it weight to around 80 kg. This has enabled BMW to install less powered engines and improve upon the car’s agility.

The lowest in the range will be a 1.5 litre three-cylinder petrol engine generating 136 ponies. The second will be a diesel 1.6 litre three-cylinder mill producing 114 bhp. The 2.0 litre diesel engines will also be there offering varied power outputs, and they are the ones hopefully attracting customer’s interest.

The electrification will be the most standout feature of the new 2018 BMW 3 Series. A possible 90 kwh battery would allow 3 Series EV a 300 miles range. The electric version is expected to carry the emblem ‘eDrive Sport’. We may not get our hands on the all-electric version till 2020, but a plug-in hybrid version will be offered at the launch of 3 Series.

Talking about the interior, the dashboard will be lined up with upgraded materials and the extended wheelbase will provide for greater leg space. The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show may witness the debut of the all-new 2018 BMW 3 Series with sales slated to commence in 2018.