Cars Driver Jobs in Dubai

Driver Jobs in Dubai

Are you looking for driver jobs in Dubai? Following is a brief overview of different job categories to get hired and work as a driver:

Limousine Driver Jobs

The exceptional growth of car rental companies as well as private car services has created many jobs for Limousine drivers and chauffeurs. Exceptional communication skills along with a customer oriented focus are major requirements for a Limousine car driver. Remuneration is linked with the customer feedback and you can also get hefty tip from dignitaries for your impeccable service. A formal attire and immaculate personal appearance are also a must.

A category 3 Light Vehicle license is the requirement for a Limousine driver.

driver jobs in dubai

Uber and Careem Jobs

The arrival of Uber and Careem has created a lot of jobs for drivers in Dubai. You should be well aware that these taxi services strongly rely on feedback from their customers and your performance is rated on the same. It is preferable if you have your own car, otherwise, you may also get hired to drive some other vehicle. You will have bookings on the go and can also receive tip based upon your service quality. You have to clear background security check to be considered for driving jobs in any ride-hailing service in Dubai.

A category 3 Light Vehicle license is usually required.

Public Transport Driver Jobs (Large Vehicles)

This is another important category of the driver jobs in Dubai. The public buses in Dubai are regulated and operated by an affiliate organisation of RTA known as The Public Transport Authority. You will normally be driving on a stipulated path as part of a 1,500 bus fleet covering different areas of Dubai. Your job responsibilities will also include catching and avoiding bus fare theft in addition to driving the bus.

A category 6 Heavy Bus license is mandatory for public large vehicle driver jobs in UAE.

Delivery Driver Jobs

The delivery driver is among highly sought after Dubai driver jobs, which involves transportation of different goods to customers. The delivery driver usually acts as sales agent for the company responsible for the dispatch of goods to the intended recipients. The mode of transportation can vary from motorcycle to heavy trucks depending upon the nature of goods. A strict adherence to time schedules along with thorough knowledge of Dubai streets are core requirements for this job.

Category 1 Motorcycle for motorcycles, category 3 Light Vehicle for cars and category 4 Heavy Truck for trucks licenses, are essential for these driver jobs in UAE.

Family Driver Jobs

Family driver jobs are in high demand in Dubai. Although not many in number, some people are on the lookout for driver cum personal assistants. You will be driving luxury vehicles over short distances for the transportation of the family members of your employer. You may also be carrying out some household chores as a part of your job.

You should have a category 3 Light Vehicle license to get such driver jobs in Dubai.

Public Transport Driver Jobs (Light Vehicles)

These driver jobs in Dubai require you to drive a four or seven seater taxi. There are many private companies running taxis, but all the taxis in Dubai are regulated by the RTA. You will require a special permit and license issued by RTA to drive. New drivers have to attend a specially designed training course before receiving the RTA permit. The working conditions are very tough with work timings spanning 12 hours a day for seven days a week.

A category 3 Light Vehicle license is compulsory for these kinds of driving jobs in UAE in addition to the aforementioned requirements.

Truck/Heavy Machinery Driver Jobs

These driver jobs in Dubai are particularly set in the industrial areas or the construction sites. The drivers should have a specialised skill set and relevant experience, as they will be handling massive amounts of load. These are the reasons for the above average remuneration of the heavy machinery and truck drivers.

The prospective driver should have a category 4 Heavy Truck, category 7 Forklift or category 8 Shovel license.

School Bus Driver Jobs

As a school bus driver, you will be entrusted with the responsibility to take children to and from school. Extra vigilance and patience are key requirements for this job as you will be travelling with kids.

You will need an RTA issued school bus driving license in addition to the category 5 minibus for up to 15 passengers and category 6 heavy bus for larger vehicles.

The average package for a driver working in UAE is around AED 5,100. You can also go through specific job requirements for driver jobs in Dubai by checking out the latest jobs. Here’s another job site to go through.