Cars Exposes Automotive Portals’ Scams Exposes Automotive Portals’ Scams

Only in the digital world car buying and selling can be as easy as any other product. Online automotive portals have transformed the new and used car market into a virtual showroom to the mutual advantage of both buyers and sellers. Whether or not you actually make a transaction through a free classified, you can still make use of the information:

Compare prices as a buyer or seller

Discover latest trends

Get information about insurance and financing

Identify preferences before leaving the comfort of your house

Find out what other motor enthusiasts are talking about

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Car Portals save Time, Money and Effort

We, at Dubai Cars, pride ourselves on being one of the most popular online regional auto trader, and our aim is to provide our users with the best possible variety of makes and models while protecting their interests through screening and security protocols that ensure we don’t waste their time with fake car ads and erroneous information.

Any car Ad received at Dubai cars is carefully scrutinized, the contact information is verified and the price is checked against market benchmarks to ensure validity. We do this because we care about our users and want them to feel safe when they buy or sell a car through free ads placed on our site.

Beware the Scam-snakes: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Sadly, anything that can be useful may also be helpful to scammers. We feel it is our moral obligation to expose common scams being permitted by some of our competitors. By allowing fake car ads, unscreened onto their sites they are instilling distrust in customers. Like all con-operations, car scams are damaging not only to the customers, but also to the business community as a whole. Online businesses by nature rely strongly on word of mouth and reputation. A blow to one car classified website can have a domino effect on others, because a customer who has been cheated or even inadvertently been exposed to information which he feels is misrepresented will probably never want to go through the online experience again.

Outscamming the Scammers

In this article, we will help you how to figure out if you’re being targeted by a scammer. There’s a lot you can tell just by looking at the wording of the ad:

The price will be a LOT lower than the market price. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. Low price is the first thing which attracts a car buyer. And once the fish is on the hook, they may ask you to wire money for different reasons. For example, the seller will ask for some amount to be transferred online immediately. This is supposedly for expenses involved in shipping the vehicle from some other country.

The seller will prefer to be contacted via email.

A real seller, an eager seller, will always provide accurate contact number; make sure he is available to take your call. Scammers usually do not give any phone number, or the number is invalid.

Don’t Believe us? Here’s the Evidence: fraud scam ad


yallamotor fake scam ad fraud

Here’s an ad from YallaMotor; not to be outdone by others, trying to sell a 2015 BMW X6 for AED 88,000. That’s a peanut for this lovely drive. The market price is around AED 430,000.

Portals Should own up to Responsibility

Dubai authorities enforce strict legal action for fraudsters. In 2013, a man was convicted of selling non-existent cars to Kazakhstan. After receiving payment from unsuspecting customers, he would inform them that the car was stuck at a customs port and additional payment was required for release. One irate customer exposed the fraudster who faced jail time and seizure of fraudulent funds. But the responsibility does not end with the legal system.

At Dubai Cars, we feel that we have a responsibility to the community to expose fraudsters and prevent such incidents on our car buying/selling website, hence the extensive screening. If you or anyone you know has a complaint about an ad posted on our website, we will welcome your feedback and take steps to ensure that such issues are not repeated.

We have nothing to hide. Can our competitors say the same?