Cars Google Self Driving Cars can now interact with Cyclists

Google Self Driving Cars can now interact with Cyclists

The nasty relationship between the cyclists and car drivers on the road is about to be redefined by Google through its new self-driving cars technology. This will improve road sharing between both, as the tech minds at Mountain View have developed a way through which their self-driving car will be able to interpret the hand signals of the cyclists.


According to a latest progress report (PDF) from Google, the on board sensors of the self-driving cars will enable the autonomous ride to recognise the intention of the cyclists by sensing their hand signals. As a result, the vehicle will be able to ascertain whether a cyclist wants to make a shift over or turn.

In addition to the sensing capabilities, machine learning will be incorporated in the self-driving cars to remember the nature of various cyclists as well as their different hand signals.

Moreover, taking into account the past behavioural patterns, the technology can now predict the future move a cyclist is about to make.

The US tech giant has been consistently making efforts in evolving its autonomous driving technology. In this regard, a software program named ‘Google Chauffeur’ was launched earlier to regulate the car’s honking intensity and frequency based upon the nature as well as urgency of the situation.

The announcement follows rigorous testing and authentication of the sensing technology by Google on its closed test course. The car efficiently reacted to a cyclist, changing his course owing to an open door of a close parked parallel car. The car was able to give ample safe to the cyclist even when they occupy the centre of the lane.

Keeping in perspective that about 50,000 cyclists got injured and 720 lost their lives on the US roads during 2014, this new technology is pretty much the need of the hour in order to save precious lives.