Cars How to Avoid Traffic Jams and their Unpleasantness in the UAE?

How to Avoid Traffic Jams and their Unpleasantness in the UAE?
Avoid Traffic Jams

Living in a city like Dubai or Abu Dhabi has made traffic jams more of a nightmare than just reality. Getting behind schedule for meetings, showing up late to events, missing out on important clients have become a norm, all thanks to the traffic chaos we face on a daily basis.

Avoid Traffic Jams

How many times have you felt the urge to get out of the car and start walking towards your destination?  How frequently have you cancelled your plans at the prospect of getting stuck into traffic congestion? While we can all agree upon having faced similar situations, not much has been done to improve the deteriorating traffic situation. So, here are some pointers that will help you avoid traffic jams.

Use alternative course:

The obvious and most easy option to beat the traffic is to avoid it altogether by taking an alternative route with the least possible congestion. Although, taking a different route than usual might mean going around a long way to reach your destination, it is still more preferable than getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Evade rush hour:

Making slight changes in your travel time can go a long way in helping you reach your destination quickly and easily. As it is common knowledge that office work hours are generally between 9:00am and 5:00pm you can simply avoid travelling during these hours. For instance, if you need to reach your destination by 9:00am you can start off an hour early to avoid traffic jams. While this is an anticipated rush hour and easier to dodge, it is difficult to miss unpredictable traffic obstruction caused due to accidents or other reasons.

Switch your transport:

Most of us prefer travelling in the luxury and comfort of our own vehicles, but at times it is not a wise option and we may do well with a compromise. It is better to use public transport for locations that are prone to congestions rather than driving your SUV and wasting your precious time on roads. In UAE, for instance, there are numerous options for public transport such as bus, metro, tram, and taxi services which can be availed any time of the day to suit your convenience. Besides, if a group of your friends or colleagues are heading towards the same location as yours, you can also carpool to save your car fuel, contribute to the environment and lessen the traffic blockage. For short distances, you can go walking or bicycling.

Utilise Technology:

In the present era, there isn’t much that can’t be achieved using advanced technological gadgets. There are numerous apps available on smartphones which can conveniently help you find up-to-date traffic information and avoid traffic jams. You can even make use of advanced navigational systems in cars such as GPS to find suitable alternative roadways to reach your destination on time.

It is impossible to completely shield yourself from the periphery of overcrowding traffic on roads, but there are always some options to consider if you want to escape the inevitable hassles of a traffic jam in the United Arab Emirates.