Cars Man Chases Pokemon on a Dubai Road

Man Chases Pokemon on a Dubai Road

In the latest bizzarre incident revolving around the augmented reality game, witnesses were shocked to see a man chasing Pokemon on a Dubai Road. The young motorist deserted his car in the middle of Jumeirah Road and ran off to catch the virtual character in the smartphone game that has taken the world by storm (and not necessarily in a good way).

Man Chases Pokemon on a Dubai Road

For those who have yet to experience the latest mobile gaming sensation, Pokemon Go uses real time information from a player’s smartphone to make the Pokemon character “appear” in the player’s vicinity. Players use the information from their smartphone (via GPS) to hunt down the virtual character. This type of gaming is referred to as augmented reality, as it makes players interact with the real world.

Shockingly, Pokemon Go is resulting in careless behaviour and severe accidents, as young players lose themselves in the game to the extent of being unaware of their real surroundings. People are forgetting basic road safety principles in the frenzy of chasing an imaginary online character.

Dubai Police and Dubai Telecommunications Authority (TRA) have both issued warnings regarding the consequences of playing the game, but players continue to be enthralled by the Pokemon Go on their mobile screens.

To take a step against the obsessive behaviours being displayed by players, Kuwait has banned the game from being used near the vicinity of certain landmarks. UAE residents are voicing their assent in favour of the same being done here.

There have been several incidents of Pokeman Go being responsible for players stopping their cars in the middle of the road and even asking entrance into stranger’s homes to chase a Pokemon. This poses a risk to privacy, not to mention a readymade excuse for burglars to gain access to a property with “permission” from the home owner. It sounds very strange, isn’t it?

Proponents of the popular game blame the players, suggesting that adults should behave responsibly and reasonably while playing the game, which is very social, engages the users in the surroundings and is highly entertaining for players.  Others propose that gaming should be restricted to “safe zones” like parks and malls.

Dubai Police have cautioned both pedestrians and motorists about the dangers of using mobiles on the roads. Pedestrians run the risk of being run over by cars if they are too engrossed in gaming or texting while crossing the road.