Cars McLaren Set for F1 Resurrection

McLaren Set for F1 Resurrection

It turns out that we are not alone in the nostalgia surrounding McLaren F1. The blockbuster ride was one of the most adorable sports cars of its time. Not surprisingly, McLaren is missing its epic brain child and has now planned to introduce a new F1 inspired car for just 64 lucky customers. The same numbers of McLaren F1s were produced initially.

McLaren F1

The McLaren’s Special Operations division is already working on the venture codenamed ‘Bespoke Project 2’ or ‘BP23’. There are likely to be some minor adjustments from the traditional F1, and the new car will also share common platform with the McLaren Gran Tourer. Some of the outstanding design features of the original McLaren F1 such as three-seat layout, a roof snorkel and powered dihedral doors with openings that extend to the roof’s central vein will be retained. The seats are predicted to be much comfortable as well as luxurious this time around.

McLaren F1 Resurrection

Talking about the powertrain, the car will be powered by a modified McLaren F1 twin turbo V-8 engine churning out approximately 700 horsepower units with the top speed of 200 mph. The car will be promoted by the company as an ultra powerful GT, supporting the main theme of speed, style and luxury.

The body of the all-new F1 will be made up of carbon fibre shrink wrapped over the mechanical parts and the interior in order to give the car an exquisitely elegant appearance and feel. This will also enable the sports car to have an unprecedented power to weight ratio for any other three seated sports ride. It is highly unlikely that an extreme race track version of the new F1 will be built by the company.

£2 million is all it will take to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity. We just cannot wait for 2018?