Cars Motorists to be Fined for Using Dedicated Bus Lanes in Dubai

Motorists to be Fined for Using Dedicated Bus Lanes  in Dubai

Motorists who would use dedicated bus lanes in Dubai will now be fined for the violation. The bus lanes will be monitored by special cameras, which are capable of identifying violators and imposing fines directly to the main camera system.

Bus Lanes  in Dubai

This latest initiative by Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai has already resulted in fewer violations. The automatic number plate recognition cameras were installed on Naif Road last year. The data collected in the last 4 months shows that the number of violations has decreased by 63%. The camera installation will now expand to other areas of the city as well.

Motorists to be Fined for Using Dedicated Bus Lanes  in Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities of the world and RTA Dubai continues to take initiatives to improve traffic flow and make roads safer and smoother for motorists. The cameras will monitor 7 kilometres long bus and taxi priority lanes in the city to help reduce traffic congestion and reduce road accidents.

The cameras categorise vehicles as black and white with white being buses, taxis, ambulances, civil defense and police vehicles. They are authorised to use the dedicated bus lanes in Dubai. The private vehicles come under black category. Misuse of the priority lanes will result in a fine of Dh600. To allow for exit and entry from side roads, parking and drop-off areas, RTA has decreed a “safe” distance of 20 metres.

Furthermore, the Dubai Government’s Smart Plan for the next 20 years includes tactics to reduce the use of private vehicles and encourage the population to opt for public transportation in order to reduce carbon emissions.

In accordance with this plan, RTA proposes to have more dedicated lanes for buses in Dubai. Execution of the plan is expected to start by the end of this year and will continue for two years. Deira and Bur Dubai districts are the primary targets, as they are the most highly congested areas in the city.