Cars Top 5 Tips on Buying Car Tyres

Top 5 Tips on Buying Car Tyres

Tyres are the most essential parts of a car which not only form a direct connection between the road and the vehicle, but are also responsible for its safety. No matter how many safety features your car possesses, ultimately they all depend upon the tyre’s grip on the road. Even though wheels are indispensable components and their proper functioning is vital for the vehicle, very few people in the Middle East have the required knowledge to purchase the right kind of tyres for their cars. Therefore, today we decided to present some tips which you will find useful in purchasing new tyres for your car.


1. Replacement: The first thing you need to ascertain is if your car requires new tyres. In case they are extremely worn out, cracked, protruding unusually or have any discoloration, these are the signs asking you to immediately replace them. Generally, wheels should be inspected regularly and must be replaced after every ten years. Don’t be deceived by the old yet good looking tyres, as their quality may have deteriorated.

2. Cost: When it comes to purchasing tyres you may want to proceed with caution, as you are likely to pay either too less or too much for them. If you are not willing to pay high, your vehicle may end up with low-quality, poorly designed tyres which are not suitable for your car, thus giving you problems in maneuvering. On the other hand, if you buy tyres of a famous brand, you may have high quality tyres, but you can acquire the same from other less known companies willing to sell excellent-quality wheels at lower rates. Seek advice from a trusted tyre dealer to get proper guidance on it.

3. Size: When you decide to replace the tyres of your car, you should replace the whole set including the spare wheel so that they depreciate evenly and can be rotated accordingly. Another important factor to consider in purchasing is to buy the right size. While a certain kind of wheel may have caught your attention, you need to know that not every car can function with any tyre, as some cars are likely to face difficulties with certain wheels. Car manufacturers are better qualified to determine the size of tyre for a particular car model, so it is wise to stick to their recommended size of wheels.

4. Dealership: If you are shopping for wheels, do not limit yourself to the local mechanics or dealerships as they usually have a small variety of tyre brands, hence you may not find the perfect wheels for your car. However, if you opt for a full-service tyre dealer you will be presented with a wide selection of brands to choose from and you are most likely to find the appropriate ones for your car.

5. Maintenance: Do not take the maintenance of the wheels lightly if you want them to last long without posing any issues. You need to constantly check them for any sign of wear and tear on the tread or a crack in the sidewalls. Also checking the pressure is very essential to ensure smooth handling and better fuel consumption.

Your car tyres determine the safety of your vehicle, hence the safety of you and your family on the road. Therefore, selecting the right kind of wheels and their good maintenance are going to benefit you in the long run with less risks, added safety and better control of the vehicle along with a good, comfortable ride.

Image by Toyota UK