Conflicts in Middle East Israeli ambassador: UNHRC needs psychiatric help

Israeli ambassador: UNHRC needs psychiatric help

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Israeli Ambassador of the Permanent Israeli Mission to the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) Eviatar Manor ridiculed it this week after the organisation criticised Israeli crimes against Palestinians, Ynet News reported today.

Manor said that the UNHRC “blindly and consistently” criticised Israel, noting this is a "mental disorder" and it needs "immediate psychological treatment."

Is this the Third Intifada?

Rising tensions in the Occupied Territories have led to dozens of deaths and hundreds of clashes.
Are we witnessing the Third Intifada?

"The commission suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with regards to Israel. The commission cannot control its disorder, and writes more and more reports and resolutions against my country.”

He continued: “I want to remind you all that a symptom of this disorder is an increased risk of suicide. The commission will bring about its own death. What this commission needs is psychiatric help.”

“I suggest that the commission expose itself to other conflict areas of the world and deal with them with the same level of hysteria that they deal with Israel."

Manor asked the UNHRC to look at the atrocities committed in Syria, Iraq and other places instead of criticising Israel.

“Yet this commission has decided to discuss five or six resolutions against Israel? This is shameful and demonstrates complete disregard for the human rights of millions."