Conflicts in Middle East Rights groups file complaints against Israeli closure of Arab charities at UNHRC

Rights groups file complaints against Israeli closure of Arab charities at UNHRC

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Three human rights groups yesterday filed a complaint at the UN Human Rights Commission against Israel’s ban on the Islamic Movement and Arab charities, Quds Press reported.

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Mizan, the Arab Organisation and Geneva International Justice Centre said they filed a complaint against Israel regarding its treatment of Arab organisations in Israel.

In the statement, the organisations said that the complaint came in the wake of 20 active charities being banned by the Israeli security minister.

The complaint included details of Israeli harassment of Arab NGOs and charities, which serve Arab Israelis and how the Israeli security minister announced them “illegal organisations” and banned their activities.

More than half a million Arab Israelis benefited from these charities and organisations, the complaint said.

The group explained how the Palestinians are being subjected to “marginalisation and discrimination policies” regarding the budgets, resources and rights, adding that the Israeli measures against the Islamic Movement and charities are an “announcement of war on the Arab community”.

On November 16, 2015, the Israeli government banned the Islamic Movement in Israel and dismantled more than 20 charities and other service organisations run by its members.

The Israeli government considered all the Islamic Movement’s affiliates terrorists and so far they are subject to arrest and prosecution.