Fashion and Beauty Pocket Plein Cuir: A timely release by Hermès

Pocket Plein Cuir: A timely release by Hermès

Hermès has unveiled a classic yet contemporary fob watch. The hand-finished Pocket Plein Cuir has a white gold case which frames a dial of Roman numerals, crafted using the ancient Grand Feu enamel technique.

The pocketwatch - which is powered by the Manufacture Hermès H1912 movement - is available in alligator jackets of burgundy, grey or sapphire blue.

Hermès has employed two saddle-making techniques in the creation of this edition - through-seam stitching and the layering of full-grain leather. Check out our slideshow to see how artisans built the timepiece in the maison's atelier by coating leather elements with protective beeswax and firing the metalwork at around 800°C.