Gulf news How do people donate in the UAE? The different channels (pros/ cons of each), when, where, to who? How has it changed ov

How do people donate in the UAE? The different channels (pros/ cons of each), when, where, to who? How has it changed ov

How do people donate in the UAE? The different channels (pros/ cons of each), when, where, to who? How has it changed over time?


    Donation in UAE is an integrated process where every step is linked to the one that follow. Firstly, people have to know (be informed) about the donation channel and this can be done in many different ways including SMS messages, billboard ads, social media, radio and TV ads, word of mouth, etc. Secondly, they have to be convinced by the channel (of course that doesn’t imply on small donation that happened everyday through voluntary funds that are everywhere) by knowing who is the channel, what it does, and who’s the donation go for. Third, donators will take action and go for the donation and that can be through money, food, cloths, household requirements, sacrifices, volunteering, etc. Lastly, channels have to maintain the trustworthy relationship with their donators to keep getting their support.


Those different channels can be categorized as following:

International organizations such as the UNISEF that has an office in UAE.

- Pros: they provide aid to all people without discrimination. Identify the most urgent priorities and act accordingly. Reach big amount of people in need.

- Cons: high bureaucracy to take decisions; decisions about UAE donations that come from the head office may not be effective as the ones are taken by the branch office itself that is more au courant of what’s happening in UAE.


Public organizations and shelters that are subject to government.

- Pros: they are trustworthy, reliable, and professional.

- Cons: difficulties to reach a big amount of people with actual needs.


Private (local) organizations and shelters that are authorized by the government.

- Pros: they are an act of charity by normal persons. They are funded with a big amount of money by a group, person, or family.

- Cons: they may be bias to a specific group and act accordingly. People usually do not trust private organizations easily. They also may be fake in some cases and have suspicious intentions on where they use the funding they get.


Interactive activities that are lunched by big brands or companies such as “The Color Run”.

- Pros: people like these kind of donations where they can have fun and make a difference at the same time.

- Cons: in some cases, only a small part of the paid money for the activity is donated.


And hospitals when talking about blood and organ donation.


When do people donate in UAE?

    In addition to daily donations by people live in UAE that are not donated because of a specific occasion, donation in UAE reaches its highest rates during Ramadan time where people have to donate to poor people and help them. This can be done specifically with the help of the government where authorized groups from public (governmental) foundations are localized near mosques, in malls and in crowded places to facilitate the donation process for people. After the donators donate, these groups will give them a receipt with the paid amount. Moreover, in Eid Al Fotur and Eid Al Adha people also donate a lot because of the religious occasions. In Eid Al Adha specifically, people sacrifice with animals and distribute them to people.


To who do people donate in UAE?

    Depending on the channel, donations may be going firstly to people in need outside of UAE. This includes people who are affected by wars, hunger, diseases, poverty, natural disasters, etc. Secondly, people in need within UAE. This includes, disabled people, orphans, people with special diseases especially children, and elderly who have no sponsor. There are some foundries that help people in need by paying for them a partial amount of money for schools and help them get educated. It is important to mention that the government in UAE takes a total care about their citizens who are in need and allocates for them a specific amount of money depending on the citizen’s situation. Therefore, there are no donations that go to poor people in UAE. In addition, government also takes care about families who lost their relatives in wars.


How has donation changed over time in UAE?


     As everything is developing in UAE, charities and the ways of donations are developing too. Charitable organizations and activities are increasing rapidly since this obligation is becoming a part of everyone. In addition, now, people don’t have to be physically donating to some organizations. Instead, they can use different phone applications, SMS messages, ATMs, social media, the organization’s website, charity funds that are subject to different foundations, “donate to charity old and new clothes” boxes that are everywhere in the streets, etc. As a last point, when people across the globe think of the UAE, they might think of the wealth, luxury, and glitz. They don’t think or know that the UAE handed over $5 billion to needy nations in 2013 which made it the most generous country for foreign – aid in that year. Therefore, financial assistance given out by the UAE rose by 375.5 per cent in 2013, according to figures released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

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