Gulf news Saudi Oger issue being resolved: Lebanese envoy

Saudi Oger issue being  resolved: Lebanese envoy

RIYADH — Saudi labor authorities have devised a mechanism to resolve the case of foreign workers in Saudi Oger, Lebanese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Abdul Sattar Issa has said.

The Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development is working with a legal office to determine the company’s financial dues to all employees, the ambassador was quoted by Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper as saying.

The ambassador said all staff had been given the choice to stay in the Kingdom or leave, and in any way they will receive all their financial rights.

Issa said 3,000 Lebanese are employed by Saudi Oger. He also pointed out that the 300,000 Lebanese nationals in the Kingdom are dealt with utmost respect by the Saudi government.

The ambassador also explained that his fears and requests were met with understanding from both the ministries of foreign affairs and labor. He said the Kingdom treats all Lebanese nationals equally.

According to the ambassador, Saudi stance toward Lebanon had not changed and the Lebanese are still met with the same hospitality as before, even after the decision to stop the aid that was supposed to be sent to the Lebanese army.

Saudi Arabia had decided to stop the aid in protest at Hezbollah’s ulterior motives.

On Feb. 19, Saudi Arabia suspended a $3 billion aid package for the Lebanese army and also canceled the remainder of $1 billion in aid it had assigned for the Lebanese Internal Security Forces.

A Saudi source said back then that Saudi Arabia had always stood by Lebanon and supported the country through its difficult times.

“Despite these honorable stands, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had been met with Lebanese stances that are against it on Arab, regional and international arenas, in the shadow of the confiscation of the will of the state by Lebanon’s so-called Hezbollah,” added the source.

The source also regretted that Lebanon had not condemned the blatant attacks against the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and its consulate in Mashhad, which are contrary to international law and diplomatic norms.

The source also condemned Hezbollah’s political and media positions against Saudi Arabia and its terrorist acts in the region.

“These assaults were denounced by all countries across the world, the UN Security Council and other international organizations in addition to the political and media positions led by (Hezbollah) against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its terrorist practices against the Arab and Islamic nation,” the source added.

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