Gulf news UAE Friday sermon: Self-reliant youth build up self-reliant nation

UAE Friday sermon: Self-reliant youth build up self-reliant nation

Youngsters should not be spoilt with luxury but instead be taught how to be self-reliant so they can help their country develop, worshippers will be told on Friday.

"We want a strong generation that preserves what the ancestors built and adds to it without relying on others," the sermon will say.

Self-reliance teaches young people to be creative in planning their future and how to take the necessary measures to achieve accomplishments without depending on others.

Many of the prophets also worked from a young age and showed independence and self reliance.

As Prophet Mohammed said, the best food a person could eat is one that he gathered with the work of his own hands.

The sermon stresses that independence should be taught to children from a young age. For example, in the past, Arab fathers would send their sons into the desert to learn the practices of the Bedouins.

"The national service law has the same purpose - to teach the youth endurance, patience and independence," the sermon will say.

Taking young boys to men's majlis also teaches them manly traits, such as good manners and wisdom.

"It is the role of parents to educate their children about self reliance," continues the sermon.

The Quran and Prophet Mohammed stress that people need to work hard to achieve results, while also having confidence that Allah will choose what is best for them and accepting their fate.